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find and replace italics or underlines?

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Hope somebody knows how to do this: I have a number of foreign (made up) words and things like ship names that either need to be italicized or underlined (depending on MS standard). What I'd like to do is be able to find the word unformatted and replace it with an italicized or underlined version. Can't make regular find & replace do this. Any ideas?





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It is a feature request. I and others have requested it, but by all means ask again. Steve keeps a running tally of how many people want X.


There is not, so far as I know, a way to make that kind of change at the moment, although you can simplify the change by searching for the term in Storyist's search box (next to the magnifying glass) rather than through Edit > Find. Storyist lists all the found instances at once, and you can click your way from one to the other. This assumes you have the Mac version, not the iPad version, which is more limited in its search options.


Welcome to the forums, both of you!


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