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I opened the Dropbox app on my father's iPad to show him some of my projects and none of my files were there, so I went to the storyist homepage on my iPad and pressed the quick sync button. It claimed that it was backing up my projects, and that they were going to Dropbox, and then suddenly four of my five projects DISSAPEAR.

I've been quick syncing, and after my initial scare with it taking too long they started syncing really quick. This is because, I assume, nothing was ever really backing up to dropbox.

So now I have an empty Dropbox folder due to an error with the software (not because I haven't been backing up my files) and four projects that are simply gone.

I'm using storyist for junowrimo and have now faced three massive problems with the software in less than three weeks. I'm ready to throw in the towel all together, which is a shame because I really enjoy using storyist to write. It offers many useful features that would be great if they actually worked as advertised.

Please help me as urgently as possible,



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You can retrieve deleted files from Dropbox. They are not really gone. Connect to Dropbox itself, through the Dropbox app or your Web browser, and you should be able to retrieve your files from there. I don't remember the exact sequence, but it was pretty obvious.


I'm sure the experience was frustrating, but it is not actually a Storyist error. Storyist was, almost certainly, syncing your files. I don't know how they disappeared, but once they did, syncing just told Storyist to match its files to Dropbox—i.e., remove the files that were no longer on Dropbox.


I say this as someone who required some mental recalibration before I figured out how Dropbox Sync worked. Believe me, I sympathize!


In a pinch, just copy your files to Dropbox instead of syncing. One more step, but if it gives you peace of mind, that seems worthwhile to me.



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I tried to connect to Dropbox through my web browser and through the app itself, but when I opened the storyist folder there was nothing there at all. Is there any other way to retrieve my files, even though they've dissapeared from both storyist and dropbox, or are they gone for good?

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Okay, I tried again and this is what happened:

I went to the "events" tab in Dropbox in my web browser, and it said that I deleted five files. These are the files that went missing, but I never actually deleted them, and I know this because I didn't even have the Dropbox app until about an hour ago.

It tells me that the files were deleted but offers no button to undo my actions. Is there any way to retrieve them from the events tab?

Also, I'm in safari on my iPad, so do I need to log onto a computer to retrieve them?

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