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Hi all :)

I'm writing film screenplays, comic books and tv screenplays on final draft. After getting an iPad a friend of mine directed me to Storyist to continue writing when I'm away from my laptop. I've noticed that the app has a template for screenplay (which I'm guessing is for films), novels and I think stage plays but I've also been told that you can create templates or people send you theirs if they're willing. I was wondering though can you create your own or get other templates on the app or just on the desktop version and if you can get it on the iPad app how would you create it/install it? Do you need the desktop version to do it or you can you do it straight though the iPad app itself since I'm not looking to get the desktop version as I'm already using Final Draft.


Thank you :)

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Storyist templates are regular .story files. In the Mac version, the program knows they are templates because they are stored in a special Templates folder inside your User Library. But you can download any of the templates in the Sharing section of the Using Storyist forum and copy them over to your iPad for use like any other file.


If you take this route, I suggest two other things.

1. Keep copies of the files on your Mac, since you won't be using the Templates folder. Each time you want to start a new comic book (or whatever), copy the file via Dropbox or iTunes, rename it, and get on with your project.

2. Look for the later, updated templates in the Sharing section, the ones that postdate the arrival of version 2 (2009). The oldest ones were created in version 1, which Storyist for Mac can read but may cause the iPad app to choke.


Welcome to the forums.


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