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Hi mwoerner,


If it was actually an older version of the story and you're using Dropbox, what probably happened is this:

  1. Changes were made to the project on both your Mac and your iPad creating a sync conflict.
  2. When you synced with Dropbox, Storyist noticed the conflict a. renamed the the version on your iPad with a filename that includes the original filename and the date and b. copied the version from Dropbox to your iPad.

If this is the case, you'll find the changes made in your iPad in the renamed file.


If you weren't syncing with Dropbox, let me know and we'll investigate further. (There are some tools that allow you to see the files on your iPad). It would be useful to know what version of Storyist you're running (you'll find this in the Settings app), what version of iOS you're running, and what iPad you have.



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Hi mwoerner,


Okay I am not finding an a and b versions of the story and the file doesn't open directly in Dropbox. I keep getting a message that it can't be displayed.


Just to be sure: you don't see two versions of your project on your iPad, correct? If this is the case, you can also check the previous versions of your project via the Dropbox website. To do this:

  1. Visit http://dropbox.com and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the Storyist folder.
  3. Select your .story project.
  4. Click the More button and choose "Previous Versions"
  5. You'll see the previous versions (up to 30 days with the free account).

You can either download a copy to your computer to see if it contains your changes or restore a previous version so that it is copied to your iPad the next time you sync.


If you don't see your changes, let me know and we'll try using the tools mentioned above.



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In checking out this thread - I had a similar "problem"
I edited my story on the iPad and then sync'd to dropbox - the file never appeared - then I went back to the iPad and tapped on the latest file (which had now been named with the date on it.)

OK So now I have several versions of my book ...
What is actually the correct way to continue forward with Storyist?

Must I rename the most recent file and work with it and then delete all the other files?

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Gary, if you sync both ways, the file will not be renamed. Storyist renames the iPad version only when necessary to avoid erasing changes.


So, let's say you have a file named Mystory.story on Dropbox. You are certain it is the latest version.


From the iPad, choose Sync. If you end up with two versions of Mystory.story, delete the one that has been renamed. Edit the one named Mystory.story. Sync back to Dropbox. The version on your iPad will be newer, so it will overwrite the Dropbox version (you can still recover the older version from Dropbox if needed). It will not be renamed. It will still appear as Mystory.story.


If you copy a file from iTunes, then sync it to Dropbox, that's where the conflict occurs. The computers have no way to know which version is the newest, so they keep both versions, just to be safe.


You can sync a file from Dropbox, then save it to iTunes as backup, though—no problem there.



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