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Help! Blank/Greyed out Files.

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Hi all,


I have come with a very peculiar problem...


I have found that occasionally, for no particular reason I can determine, files on Storyist (on my iPad, never on my computer) turn grey and when I open them, that's all I see - grey. So I end up having to write in Pages instead, disaster!


This problem seems to solve itself, usually after about 5 minutes, again for no particular reason.


What am I doing wrong?


I do use Storyist with Dropbox, but I doubt this is the problem as this sequence of events also occurred the other day when I had no internet connection whatsoever.


:) Any suggestions on how to solve this would be gratefully received.




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Hi Annie24,


That odd. Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. What version of Storyist for iPad are you running?
  2. What version of iOS are you running?
  3. Which iPad do you have?
  4. When this occurs, does quitting the app resolve the issue?

To quit the app:

  1. In Storyist, return to the My Projects screen. This will cause all unsaved changes to be saved.
  2. Press the Home button to return to the iPad home screen.
  3. Double tap the Home button to bring up the recent apps list.
  4. Press and hold the Storyist icon in the recent apps list until it starts jiggling and a red "minus" icon appears.
  5. Tap the Storyist icon again to cause the app to quit.
  6. Open Storyist again.

Note: Be sure to tap and hold the Storyist icon in the recent list, not the Storyist icon in the regular list of apps.



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I was waiting to write back, as I wanted to try your ideas out when it happened again, but since the OS on my iPad updated a few days ago... nada! I guess this is good news (and Apple software was the culprite)!


As to versions... I got my iPad (the newest one) and Storyist just 2/3 days before Nano started - hope that helps. I'm a terribly uncoordinated person when it comes to technology so not sure of much beyond that.


Thanks for the help. :-)

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