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Long Chapter Titles Thrown Onto Second Page

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Hi there


I'm not sure if this is a bug or a setting (if so I can't find it to try to edit it), but I noticed that if you type a long enough chapter title that suddenly Storyist throws all but the first line onto a new page.


It happens every third line. So if you type one line of chapter title your fine, even if your title is 2 lines it'll stay on one page, but as soon as you get to a third line, it grabs line 2 & 3 and tosses them onto a new page. Then if you keep going.... it repeats.


I would expect it to keep the whole chapter title on one page unless it actually filled up the whole page, so I find it's current behavior a bit perplexing.


- Joules

ps. I've got the latest copy of Storyist and I'm on Mountain Lion. I'm using the blank template, which I then added a novel manuscript to.

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Hi Joules,


I'm having trouble reproducing this.




Here are a couple of things to try:

  • If you've added window/orphan control to the Chapter Title style, disable it. It could be that you've encountered a state (based on what text is in your file) where the layout algorithm is left with no good layout options.
  • Switch to Normal view mode (View > Normal) and back. If there is an issue with the layout code, this will cause the layout to start from scratch.


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I opened up a new novel project and can reproduce it immediately in Page View. Widow & Orphan is not enabled, however switching to Normal View and back fixes the issue.


Here's a screen shot of it getting thrown onto a second page.



Let me know if there's something else I should try or reset etc. etc.

- Jules

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