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Completely new user and moving along fine but then realized that for some reason I can not access section/scene sheets. Have access to character, plot and setting sheets but if section/scene sheets exist I can't find it/them. Are they hidden somewhere? I have Storyist 2.4.2 which the latest version, right?

Thanks for the help!

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Can you tell me what template you started with? If you started with a Novel template, there should be a collection in your project pane with the section sheets, but if you started with a Blank template and then added a manuscript you wouldn't have that collection.


If you have a lot of work already in a blank template and you don't want to start with a new novel template, you can add the collection yourself.


Click on the "Project" button (it looks like the little brief case) then choose "Collection". Title that collection "Section Sheets" (or whatever you like), then you can right click on it to edit the collection's preferences.


In the little pop up window, you can choose "Section Sheets" (or scene sheets) in the drop down for "Contents". Then you can close that window and now you have a collection for your sheets.


To add a sheet, go back under the "Project" button to add either a section or scene sheet and it will go straight into that collection.


I hope that helps, but let me know if it was unclear!

- Jools

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