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Undo in a notecard undoes changes outside of notecard.


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Hi there,


I noticed something weird and potentially dangerous while working with Storyist.


If I'm in a notecard and I paste something in, that works just fine. Let's say I paste something in that I don't want. If I do Command-Z to undo this, the pasted item remains; however, I notice that other things get undone.


To reproduce this:

  • Add a new blank section to any chapter
  • Delete it
  • Go to Storyboard view
  • Open an existing notecard
  • Paste something in there
  • Press Command-Z

What I see is that the section I deleted in step 2 returns. Command-Shift-Z (redo) will make it disappear again, with still no activity in the notecard. Repeated Command-Z's seem to perform continued undos without the user really knowing what's going on.


I press Command-Z *a lot*, and it seems like this might be a bug that might cause users to potentially lose stuff without realizing it until it's too late.





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