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Happy Birthday, Ultimate Poster!


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Thank you Marguerite.

Yes, the year has really sped by. I hardly remember any of it — or is that just the price of turning 59?

My home is actually full of party guests and well-wishers at the moment and I'm being rude to them. (Moochers!)

I will be displaying your beautiful virtual cake on my screen for the next few hours (I clicked Save and dragged it to my Slideshow folder). Then I'm going to gobble it down, saving a nice slice for you.


Inappropriately big hugs and my very warmest regards (while tremulously awaiting birthday spanks),


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It's April 9, Lord of Magic. I don't post it because the forums insist on me entering the year, and I am just vain enough to object to having that advertised to all and sundry! ;)

Yep. Them "sundry" can be such a bother. I understand, my shy one. Thank you for the date.

Happy Birthday, anyway.


Hope you had great fun with the die-hards and sleepovers.

Indeed! The bed was crowded but very cozy.



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Oh, we did. Sparkling wine and excellent Belgian caramels.... :)

Brava! Throw in some midnight snuggles and it's just about perfect. :D


Not quite dancing on tabletops but good enough.

Dancing on tabletops is overrated.

(They don't make coasters big enough to avoid scuffing.)


My brother (who missed the party) is coming over tomorrow (Sunday) for some post-birthday fun.

I wonder what he has in mind?


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