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Storyist tries to open external application


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So, whenever I click any of the category folders for character/plot/notes/etc., I get a dialog window asking permission to open a separate, unrelated application (see screenshot). This does not occur when selecting actual character/plot points/etc. pages, only when clicking on the category folders.

I have a feeling this issue is a confluence of two separate things:

1. My virtual machine app screwed with my default apps for handling certain document types (and set them to imaginary windows apps within the virtual machine)
2. Storyist handles character/plot/etc. files strangely, such that the default app for those document types is called up

Any suggestions for fixing this behavior would be immensely appreciated. It gets old fast.


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I was able to put a bandaid on this by following these instructions, but you should still have a look at how storyist handles category folders in such a way that the OS wants to hand them off to another app—especially if people actually want to use their virtual machine software's Open-With feature, even though it's completely terrible.

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Hi Steakpirate,


Thanks for the link.


I'm guessing that VMWare or Parallels is registering to handle URLs of the form "urn:..." Storyist uses these internally for sheet resources (e.g. "urn:storyist:character:1345"). I'll take a look.



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