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2 different side-by-side pages

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I want to see 2 different side-by-side pages in stage play format on my iMac. The point is to edit one with some parts of the second page.

I know one can do side-by-side pages, but they are identical. Looking for way to have different drafts.



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If the two drafts are in the same Storyist file, then the trick is to look at the bottom of the second window (let's assume it's the right). Between the + sign and the gear menu in the status bar at the bottom is a symbol that looks like two misaligned c's or like two l's with a line through them. That is the link button. If yours looks like the two l's (joined link), click it so that it resembles the two c's (broken link). You can then click in the second window (check that the line at the top turns blue, indicating that it's active), and work in it independently of the first window.


If the draft is not in the same Storyist file, you will have to open it as a separate file, then use copy and paste to move things into the working file.

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