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Scrivener to iPad Storyist..

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Oops, posted this in wrong place the first time.


The ipad storyist does seem to have 'cards' for characters eg protagonist etc, which could quite easily equate to scrivener character cards. Same with pretty much most aspects in my experience.


The ability to import scrivener projects to ipad ie into storyist, seeing that they (scrivener) seem to have given up on an ipad version of scrivener, is some thing that would be useful to a lot of people.


If it's something the scrivener people have indeed abandoned (ie an ipad version), maybe you could collaborate with them for an import / export feature, as it would certainly benefit both parties involved.

As well as all of us paying users.


Thanks .


P.s. At this stage I would be more interested in importing complete scrivener projects from Mac/pc onto ipad.


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