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Version control and drafts

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Ok, I am looking for this, and cannot find it. It might be me not having used the software in a while, but tracking changes would be nice. I know it is a pain to implement, but a few programs have it on the MAC, less so on the IPAD, but they still manage with RTF files,


Hell, markdown now has a way to do it with criticmarkup. (And that is a txt file with fancy mark up).


Yup, have used some simple txt files just to keep a light footprint on the IPAD when writing research for work, so have gotten pretty good with markdown and multimarkdown. (And for news pieces storyist is kind of useless anyway since I have to keep track of a lot of crap that has little to do with well, fiction)


But for fiction I would love to be able to keep track of changes in documents, without having to resort to changing the color of the font. Hey, your main competitor has implemented that nicely, but he has yet to implement an IPAD version. Hell, I have lost hope he will ever go the IPAD route. (Which would be nice for the reporting side of the house)


So, how about tracking changes? That would be sweet? If nothing else versioning control would be ok.


Yes, you can officially call me a geek, will not be insulted whatsoever.

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