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Word/Page Count Discrepancies

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Hi Steve,


I've been going back and forth between iOS and Mac OS versions of Storyist in recent days, editing and refining on whichever device comes to hand. I've been watching the word count more than usual to keep a sense of how my cuts and edits are balancing out, and I noticed that they're different - that is the counts for words, pages etc. on iOS Storyist are different to the counts on MacOS Storyist. This for an apparently identical document kept in sync via dropbox.


I've just tested this with one of your default projects - created as new, and named, but not edited in any way, and I get a discrepancy.


I did a quick search to see if this had been reported, but couldn't find anything, so though I'd give a heads up on this one!



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Hi Nick,


For historical reasons, the Mac version tries to match the word counts calculated by Microsoft Word, which among other things, counts hyphenated words as one word. The iOS version uses Apple's algorithm (where hyphenated words are counted separately) which matches the word count you'd get with Pages and other iOS apps. The next major release on the Mac version will switch to the Apple algorithm.



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Hello. I'm still in my 14-day trial period. I opened my 98-page fdx file in Storyist and now my screenplay is 108 pages. I don't have that many hyphenated words, and I've made all the formatting adjustments from the conversion. Any ideas?  Thank you!

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