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Sync app with software (Evernote Support)

Christina Alexandra

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Evernote is a more complete system than Dropbox. From the phone app, I have the ability to directly add pictures, handwritten notes, share information with other users (in my case a collaborative effort with several other authors as well as sharing notes with members during board meetings. I am able to quickly add notes to separate file folders (called notebooks) and have them synced across all my devices and computers with one account. I currently have a notebook for each project that I'm working on.


I have not been able to sync my Storyist app with the desktop version and am unable to access my saved files. With its ease of use, I tend to do my note taking and rough draft in the Evernote app while travelling, on my break at work or even standing in line at the DMV. It'd would streamline the process considerably if I could transfer the current project to Storyist via Evernote.

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Hi Christina,


On syncing: Storyist for iOS uses Dropbox to sync. The setup is described here. On the Mac side, you can simply open the document from your Dropbox folder and all changes will sync as they are written. It works well, and I'd be happy to answer questions, either here or at the support address.


On Evernote: The reason I asked about your workflow is that there are a couple of ways Storyist could work with Evernote.

  1. As cloud storage for projects. Storyist for iOS could import/export projects from Evernote in much the same was it does with iTunes and Dropbox. Storyist 3 for iOS supports the iOS 8 document picker, so if Evernote adds support for the document picker in their app, Storyist would get the ability to import/export projects "for free."
  2. As cloud sync for projects. Storyist could also sync projects with Evernote, though that would require considerable work and testing, and really iCloud (coming in version 3) and Dropbox are better for this.
  3. As an import/export target for notes. Storyist for iOS could also import/export notes from Evernote. To be able to do this, Storyist would have to understand the Evernote note format.
  4. As a remote folder in the project view. Another option would be for Storyist to let you add references to Evernote notes or notebooks to the project view, probably initially as read-only items.

All of these except the first would require significant development and testing time, but are "doable" if there is enough interest. If you're interested primarily in sync, take a look at the Dropbox support. It works well, and is available now.



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Dropbox is bleh. I have it but I very much prefer Evernote! Please, I'd like the sync to happen.


Disclaimer : I don't use Evernote - I looked at it a while ago, and couldn't see how I'd make use of it.


With that in mind, I'm not clear why a comparison between dropbox and Evernote is being drawn in terms of syncing?


Dropbox just provides cloud storage so that multiple instances of Storyist on different hardware effectively edit the same document (I know you actually edit local versions that are copied to Dropbox, but with the automatic syncing in Storyist the user experience is essentially the same unless you work a lot offline).


My (limited) understanding of Evernote is that it acts more like file manager - in which case is what is being requested in terms of 'syncing' essentially a request to have Evernote access and control the contents of a Storyist project? How would this be possible give both a proprietary apps produced by difference developers/companies? Wouldn't it (also) require work by the Evernote developers?

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