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I've got Storyist on my iPad and Mac, and it's all been working fine. I last edited my story this morning on my iPad and have tried to open it on the mac, but it won't. I've looked at my iPad version, and there's a little icon in the bottom corner of my file with a cloud that has been crossed out. It seems like my iPad is refusing to upload that version to the cloud. It's really annoying and it'd be great if someone could tell me if there's some way of manually uploading iPad version to the cloud because I've been trying lots of stuff and can't find any way of sorting it.



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Hi Buzzy,


The cloud icon with a line through it means that iCloud has not finished syncing the recent changes yet. This is not something that is under Storyist's control. Usually, the sync happens quickly, but if you are on a slow or unreliable network, or are syncing large files, changes can take a little while to transfer from your device to the cloud.


You can email the file to yourself if you want or export it to another location.



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Hi RidleyP,


The up-arrow means that iCloud is in the process of uploading the file. As it turns out, when a file uploads is under the control of iOS, not Storyist, so there isn't much Storyist can do to hurry it along. If you have a large file or a slow network, or iCloud is busy with some other task, it could take a while.


Things to try:

  • Make sure that your iPad is connected to the internet. (It sounds like it is if the other files upload fine)
  • Restart the app if you think something in iOS is out-of-whack.
  • Try duplicating the project and see if that uploads.

If these doesn't resolve the problem for you, send a quick email to the support address with your version info (Storyist and iOS) along with the device you're using and the file size of the project and we can investigate further.



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