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fit to window, words not page

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Hi Steve (and everyone)


I think it would be really useful if a 'view-as-text' window could remember its zoom setting relative to the size of the window, so that it rescales as the window is resized - much as MS Word does when zoom is set to page width.


Also, it would be useful if it could do this to the width of the text - i.e. ignoring say 90% of the margins, and hold the view there so that it doesn't slip side to side. I can currently set any zoom % I like, but this doesn't scale with the window size, and the page wobbles when I scroll - I'm not interested in seeing the blank margins when writing or editing, it's just wasted screen space.


if Storyist can already do this, i can't work it out. It would be very useful for smaller screens (like my 11" Macbook Air), and particularly with side-by-side 'view-as-text' windows.



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Hi Nick,


I think View > Zoom > Fit Width is what you're looking for. This command keeps the text zoomed to the width of the containing view.



Thanks! I kept trying > Fit Page :)


Still would be nice to have an option that did this but excluded most of the margins. Just as I'm looking at Storyist currently, Fit Width sets it zoom to about 110% but zooming to 145% hides the margins. Just a thought. I'll be using Fit Width from now on!

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