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Option to sync with DropBox not available

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From memory (its a long time since I did this) I think you just need to put the Storyist folder into your Dropbox folder on your Mac. If you're using Storyist for iOS, then you should put the folder inside the Apps folder [Dropbox > Apps > Storyist].


At least that works for me (I used to have just Dropbox > Storyist, but putting it inside the Storyist folder inside 'Apps' solved syncing problems.


This post might help (or someone else will chime in):



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Yes, that's right. Just create a Storyist folder in Dropbox (or Apps/Storyist, as nen1000 says, if you're syncing an iPad—although you can change where the iPad syncs if you like). Then open and save your .story files from/to that folder, just as you would to any folder on your Mac.


I don't see an iCloud option in the Preferences window. Do you mean on the iPad? If you tap the iCloud option, it gives you several choices, including Dropbox.



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