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Strange Font Differences Between Programs

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I wasn't able to get my Word doc to import properly to Storyist, so I just copied and pasted the entire novel. Then, I set it all up as "section text" (which I had set up to my liking). All was well until I went to edit some sections, when I noticed the quotation marks, apostrophes, and commas were different when I typed them (in Storyist). I'm pretty picky about things like this, and I'm just wondering exactly what is going on, and if there is anything I can do to fix it.


Here's a screen shot. The top quote is what it looks like when I edit them in Storyist, the bottom quote is what it looked like when I changed all my text to "section text."




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This thread might help with the importing from word:




There's an option under Edit > Tools to convert between smart and straight quotes. I used to use smart quotes all the time, but once I was writing on multiple devices I decided to use straight quotes (as everything was getting messy otherwise). I was sure there was a preference option for this, but can't find it right now - maybe the option in Tools is remembered..?




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Go to Edit > Substitutions, and make sure the Smart Quotes option is checked. That should fix it.


FYI, Word has its own font list, which is different from the font list that Apple (and hence Storyist) uses, so if you go back and forth you can see strange substitutions in the fonts themselves. That's because Microsoft wants Word for Mac and Word for PC files to use the same fonts. There used to be a way to tell Word which fonts you wanted it to use, but I can't find it now. But if you set up your styles properly in Word, you should be able to get around it. If all else fails, try Times New Roman.




EDIT: The font weirdness may be a thing of the past since Apple dropped the Type 1 fonts. This is the problem with having set things up years ago!

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