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Just a quick suggestion: would it be possible when entering the section separator marker (# by default) to automatically apply the section separator style to this character?


I find when I add '#' (by which I mean hitting return for a new line and typing alt-3 on my keyboard), I create a new section but have to manually select Format > Style > Apply Style to centre-align the '#'. Would make things smoother if it would auto-apply the style...






As always, if I've missed something obvious in current functionality, I'm happy to have this pointed out to me!

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What about using a double return, then selecting section separator?



Just tried that. Doesn't work for me. I get the dropdown, but can't click to select.


Assuming it does (if working) what I was after, I guess my request / query boils down to "given typing # creates a new section without any further input from the user, why not have it apply the style as well?"

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