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printing blank pages


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Hello Storyist team,


I am running the latest version of Storyist (3.4.2) on the latest version of macOS (10.12.4). The problem I'm having is that when trying to print, all I get are blank pages. My document is 86 pages right now and I get 86 pages of blankness. I've tried "Open PDF in Preview" and "Save as PDF and all it leads to is blank. I've even tried selecting different printers: nada, zip, all blank.


The only way I can print my document, currently, is by exporting it into other file formats. This luckily works but it's very frustrating to not be able to print directly from Storyist.


Attached is an image of what I'm seeing when attempting to print. I've forwarded to page 9, as an example, but it doesn't matter which page I go to: it's all blank.


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