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Inserting an Image and converting to .mobi (setsize issue)


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previously (in older versions) I could insert an image and right click on it to set the image size and

the conversion to .mobi respected that new image size (e.g. an image on the title page, or dedication page,

or right underneath a chapter title.



Now (version 3.4.3 (3468), when I do that and open the .mobi the image comes up in full size always.


Did something change or is there a sure way to add an image, set the new size, and have the size

honored in the conversion to .mobi?




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Hi Steve,


Thank you so much for looking into this.

My kindlegen version is: KindleGen_Mac_i386_v2_9.zip


I've inserted many pictures with the size of my choosing in my previous Storyist novel and it worked beautifully !!!
I so much hope you can help me figure this one out. I am not aware of doing anything different than for my

last novel. My font is different, but I doubt that has any influence.


If if works for you, can you please give me the precise steps you take?

Thank you!


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