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Files automatically uploaded to iCloud and disappeared


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Up until a half hour ago, I was having trouble moving text files into new folders. The changes should have been uploaded as soon as I left the project. The app indicated everything was being backed-up and uploaded to iCloud, but it wasn’t showing back up in my project when I went back to it.

This happened with new text files as well. I would make a new text file, and type things in, I would leave the project, it would indicate the changes were uploaded, and whatever I worked on would be gone. The memory sizes of the new additions that disappeared never changed. I left the project with a 20KB Text file that brought the project total from 150KB to 170KB, but the text File wouldn’t show back up, and the project memory space stayed at 170KB. 

I lost three hours of work when this started happening, and I don’t know what I can do to retrieve what I lost. These disappeared files still takes up space in my iCloud. Can I do anything?

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