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Happy Halloween 2008

Steve E

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Haha, unless it's NaNoWriMo! :)

Let us not discount finger exercises. All that typing really burns the calories.


Actually, it's 7pm here and I don't have a drop of candy in the house, so I think I'm safe.

- Calli

No one is "safe" during the witching hour. I don't head out to party* until 9pm.

(*I try to stay within practical limitations but I typically have plenty of "assistants" eager to help me indulge.)


Don't forget, Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday at 2am!



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It's DST? :) I was completely unaware. My computer just updates itself and then I figure it out. :)

My grandfather clock (ironically, a gift from my grandfather) not only doesn't update itself it loses precisely 20 minutes per month. No one has been able to fix it.


My Grandfather's Clock

by Henry Clay Work (1876)


My grandfather's clock

Was too large for the shelf,

So it stood ninety years on the floor;

It was taller by half

Than the old man himself,

Though it weighed not a pennyweight more.

It was bought on the morn

Of the day that he was born,

And was always his treasure and pride;

But it stopped short

Never to go again,

When the old man died.


Note: "The Creaky Buttocks" had an acapella version of "My Grandfather's Clock" which went to number 9 on the Indy Charts. (No joke, but it should be. The Creaky Buttocks?)


My ride is an hour late!


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