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Never heard of it. But I went over the Tour and the Video (thanks for the link, Isaac) and it looks interesting. One wonders how it handles conflict resolution: I want it to be this way; Calli wants it that way; Isaac wants it a third way -- and we all keep changing it back and forth. Calli, when you use it with your Utahn friend, see if either of you can "lock" a change. (Someone has to be the arbiter.)

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It does mention that they're on voice chat with each other - I think it assumes that whatever changes are in conflict will be resolved verbally.

Ah yes. The "DO WHAT I TELL YA!*" theory of conflict resolution. So much more fun over the phone. Seriously, someone has to have the power to arbitrate.


*Born Yesterday (1950) Brock (Broderick Crawford) to Billie (Judy Holliday). Great flick.

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Looks like the /. effect got to them. You now have to get on their waiting list to use EtherPad.

Is this good (e.g., lots of people like their wonderful product) or bad (e.g., they don't have the iron to support more than a handful of users at a time?

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