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how do you save index cards on an ipad?


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On 10/2/2021 at 7:41 AM, john said:

how do you save  index cards on an ipad?

I'm just a Newbie user using Storyist for screenwriting, but this is how I have it working on my iPad (and how I understand it.)

On the top right of the left-hand side side-bar/Outline Navigator you should see your document with an (i) next to it. 
Click the (i) and it switches from a list to cards.

On the left-hand side side-bar (navigator), at the top right of this column are three dots.
Click them to toggle the VIEW of the side-bar between "Outline" view and "CARDS".  When in the Cards View, double tap a card to select it- it Pops up for editing.  Tap away for it to go back into the line-up. Or hit EDIT in the 3 dots again.  OR in the TEXT in the middle, add  a Scene Header which will create a card.  Then click it to make the card active and hit the 3 dots to select EDIT.  When you click CLOSE at the TOP LEFT of the CENTER/TEXT section to exit out of your work,  everything automatically saves with Storyist on the iPad.  

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