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    Photo Album?

    iPhoto integration sounds really cool. That would be extremely helpful...
  2. esimm

    Photo Album?

    I'd like to be able to view multiple pictures for each character without having to go back to my character sheet or notebook. If there was a photo album linked to each character that I could open in the sidebar, then I could scroll all the pictures of one character (or setting, etc.) while typing without going back and forth. I also think this would be an easier way to view pictures, rather than inserting them all in a notebook page. Maybe even double-clicking on an image in the photo album would open a window with a larger view of the image? I guess I should explain that I'm very visual, so I have lots of photos for each setting, character, and so on. I find it helpful to have them at my fingertips. Again, reaching for the moon...
  3. It occurred to me last night that it would be amazing to have a little photo album for characters/settings/etc. Perhaps something that could open in the sidebar, similar to the polaroids we already see? I know people are wanting better handling of pictures in the notebook and character pages, but an album for each seems infinitely more useful. Maybe I'm reaching for the stars here...
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