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  1. I thought I would try Google Drive to sync between my MacBook Pro and my iPad. I created a folder on my MacBook and copied a couple of my Storyist files into it. When I look at those files on my iPad using Google Drive inside Storyist, the filenames are greyed out and I cannot open them for editing. How do I get Google Drive on my iPad to allow me to write/edit my Storyist files?
  2. A couple of times at coffee shops, the Storyist project that I am writing will get lots of conflicted copies in Dropbox. As in 10 to 40 conflicted copies. Anyone else have that problem? Any idea on how to fix it or at least what is causing the problem? P.S. Tonight I went into the Storyist iPad app in Settings, and set it to sync via Dropbox instead of iCloud. I do not know if that will make a difference or not. I will find out.
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