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  1. Hi Steve, I know you must have a lot to track between iPad and Mac versions, so please forgive my persistence on this topic... I have more or less reconstructed my index card notes from memory and have begun pasting copies of those notes into the document text whenever I add or change them as a safeguard (an inelegant and, I hope, temporary solution). I'm wondering, though, is there a way to know when the editing or formatting of document text is affecting index card notes as well? Thanks, Michael
  2. I'm adding this topic to track Index Card Requests, including the following: - It would be useful to be able to Find and Replace across all index cards as well as in the document text.
  3. I'm moving the above suggestion from the Future Requests thread to here for easier tracking.
  4. Thanks, Steve, for your speedy and thoughtful replies. I'm looking forward to the next release. Exciting stuff.
  5. Hi Steve, I just encountered a new and worrisome problem in using the index card notes: After making some stylistic changes to the text in the document view, I returned to the index card view to find all the cards wiped clean. Clearly, there is a logical connection between the cards and the document text, but there needs to be a way to preserve index card notes, regardless of what happens with the document text. I think the best solution would be for index card notes to reside (and be autosaved) someplace separate from the document text, with an option to export them either separately or together. Thanks for all your hard work in pulling this together. This is an awesome app with tremendous potential. MichaelM
  6. I moved this possible bug here from the Features Request section, where I originally posted it, and wanted to add that this only appears to happen when text is first added to a card. Once the card has been placed back on the board all subsequent edits persist despite orientation changes.
  7. Hi Steve, My experience with Storyist for iPad just keeps getting better. I posted a five-star review on iTunes, which should appear shortly. Meanwhile, I have some suggestions (and a possible bug?) for you to consider, minus those I already see mentioned. I look forward to hearing what you think of them. Possible Bug? -- If the orientation changes from landscape to portrait while editing an index card, all edits to that card are lost. (Perhaps autosave an index card whenever it loses cursor focus?) Suggestions: -- When editing index cards, include arrow keys and buttons for quotes and apostrophes (in addition to the color and "next card" arrow buttons). -- Make "undo" button available while editing index cards. -- Option to pin outline list to left-hand side by default. (This would eliminates the extra step for those of us who prefer it that way.) -- Retain current configuration of outline list/index cards/document elements when exiting. -- Option when viewing index card layout in edit mode to "copy" as well as "delete"cards. This would enable the use of existing cards as templates. -- Add drop-down list of main documents (those not nested in a folder) accessible from within each document to enable quick switching between them without having to return to the project page. -- Full-screen outline view (available with or without sidebar, as with index cards and documents). -- Ability to move documents between projects as well as within them. Thanks! MichaelM
  8. Super, thank you. I haven't read all the way through the instructions yet...I guess that's a testament to how intuitive the app is. I got some excellent work done tonight, will have some suggestions for you in the next few days. It's all good. Thanks again, MichaelM
  9. Hi Steve, et. al., I discovered Storyist for iPad yesterday and immediately began transferring my current project over from IndexCard. Thus far, I have been thrilled with the results. In addition to an index card app, Storyist is also a complete writing environment. (My next step, it appears, will be switching over from Scrivener to the Storyist desktop version.) Very well done! The main difference I've noticed from IndexCard is the appearance of "section" cards (showing part of the first line of an associated manuscript section), in addition to my notes on the index cards, which I use for plotting. My question is: Can I eliminate the "section" cards so that I can remain focused solely on plot development without seeing any of the related manuscript text? And, if so, how? Thanks! I look forward to the ongoing development of this excellent app. MichaelM
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