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    George R.R. Martin - Dude you're a genius.
  1. Thank you for this gem of a giggle machine.
  2. Here here . I "third"? this request. Would be very useful.
  3. Tools > Enable Geo A min-globe button on the keyboard that will instantly add a geo-tag location to just that one article you're currently working on. If you're a war correspondent, mobile blogger or travel writer you'd love to share exactly where you were and your thoughts at that moment. So here's a quickie scenario, I just had the best sandwich from a little shop in Buenos Aires, I take a photo with my iPad2 or iPhone and include it in my article but how will I tell people where its exact location is? Boom, I click on my handy dandy mini-globe on the keyboard, it marks the geo-tag location on the header, I can then place that same geo-tag right into Google Maps/Earth and show anyone who may be interested the exact spot.
  4. For the Dict.org integration I'm imagining these creative boosters: Tools > Enable Thesauri - This would allow the user to click on any word which would then generate a document-wide scrollable pop-up mini bar at the bottom of the document where you can choose the synonym you wish. Tools > Enable Dictionary - Sometimes you don't write alone but what if the person co-writing or editing your work doesn't have a clue about a word you've used? They should be able to click on that word and again have a document-wide scrollable pop-up mini bar at the bottom of the document with every definition possible, which could generate discussions about the real feel of a sentence or phrase. For the Wikipedia integration and (maybe) Instapaper I'm imagining... Tools > Enable Wikipedia Tools > Enable Instapaper - This will work along with the index cards and bit.ly to shorten referenced links. Who wants to retype or resummarize a concept they were researching on wikipedia? I don't. For each index card, I'd love to have a hot and shortened quick link so I can re-read an article if I wish and jot down my take aways and points as I do now. Now, what if you don't use Wikipedia at all but read current events or other real-time information and saved them all into Instapaper? Again, links to your Instapaper documents should be shortened when placed into your index cards and near the points you'd like to make for that section of your story or article.
  5. Is your manuscript easy to read? Yes? No? Who knows? With Flesh integrated into Storyist for iPad you'll know right away. Flesh unfortunately is Mac only and may need a bit updating for the iPad. On the upside it's open source. More information can be found here: Mac compatibility: http://download.cnet.com/Flesh/3010-2056_4-52072.html?tag=metaData;specsBox Download location: http://download.cnet.com/Flesh/3000-2056_4-52072.html
  6. Sometimes you just don't have the right photo on your iPad, iTunes or dropbox. So who bails you out, a friend or co-worker but how will they get it to you quickly so you can get on with your work? Perhaps an attached image via email could do the trick.
  7. My photos are hardly ever on my desktop it's basically everywhere. Having an ability to import images I own (or rights to) or photos I've previously taken directly from my online albums may be a useful addition.
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