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  1. Alright, thank you very much for the clarification! Now I just try to cope with these features, hoping that the update comes soon. :-) About the Settings folder - I was actually wondering whether the name refers to application settings or story locations, but then I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do with the folder anyway. Okay, so it's just a folder - that could actually hold any kind of material. Slowly it all comes to me... Btw, as a small but convenient extra it would be nice to have the application adding automatically those standard brackets to the parenthetical. Just thinking about the writing flow here... Anyway, keep up the good work - for good it is indeed!
  2. Hi, it's possible that I just haven't found the answer yet, but I'm puzzled. Is it possible to alter the parameters of the styles listed under Formatting, so that as a default I would get a certain kind of Action, Parenthetical, Dialogue or Character name? For instance, since the language I write in is quite "long-worded", I would very much like to have a bit wider parentheticals, but so far I haven't found any other way to do it but change the indentation on each parenthetical separately. Given, that there is the possibility to copy and paste style, but it would be more fluent to be able to change the default altogether. Is there a place in the application, where the user can define styles? Or can I somehow "save" the indentation/font/whatever changes to a specific style - be it parenthetical, action, character name or what not? I bought all four screenplay editors currently being sold for iPad in the Appstore, and this seems to be the most fluent, all aspects considered. Or rather, there is one that is actually way more intuitive (for me), but at the moment it has a very buggy text editing system and there's no proper page-to-page transitions (MORE/CONT'D) or even complete support for foreign language special characters, which I most definitely need. It may well be that I haven't exactly understood the hierarchy of your application. How am I, for example, supposed to use the Settings folder that is automatically created when I start a new screenplay project? Does the answer to my problems lie therein? If this is the case, help me out a bit - I simply don't know what to do with that folder. Thanks in advance!
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