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  1. Hello, I have purchased Storyist a while ago, but due to my work, need to be on Windows often. I still have MacBook, but am mostly now on Windows. 1. One thought: Can you please suggest the best way to write on any/both laptops, easily syncing between both? I do have iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box to store the files, but would want to have my writing project on any/both. 2. Another idea: I am planning to purchase Scrivener for Windows laptop. Can you please outline (with all the steps) the process of syncing with Mac and then back? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I thought there was already this discussion, but can't find it. I created a manuscript that is separated now into 2 levels chapters and scenes. I need to modify it to have 3 levels: Book1-Chapters- Scenes, Book2-Chapters-Scenes and so on. Can you assist? Thanks G
  3. HI Steve - can't figure out how to attach the image. when i try to paste .png or jpeg into the text here, it rejects the format with You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.. Can you assist? How can I send the image?
  4. Hello, Maybe someone can help: Upgraded to STORYIST 3. the outline on the left is appearing tiny, even though I updated the preferences. I am displaying the Text view. Any advice? my eyes are not very good with these tiny letters.
  5. Thank you Marguerite. Very helpful. And more, if it's OK... -- how can I keep different versions of a manuscript? Should I just count on backups? Or do I create another manuscript with, lets say, date in the title? And is there a way to open corresponding sections of both manuscripts to compare (dividing the screen)? Any good suggestions/tips/workflow how you guys are managing different versions? Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much! And moore questions (may be one day I"ll become an expert, but not yet. Not for a while...): When I import a file, do I' have to apply formatting to every section, section separator and chapter or short story header manually? Or is there a better way to apply styles to the whole manuscript? And is there a shortcut to create section breaks? Like a keyboard shortcut to do the following : carriage return + enter # + apply section break style to # (I.e. center) Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much for the great ideas and your quick assistance! So helpful! I purchased Storyist (both ipad and Mac) a while ago, but only now am starting to seriously importing my writing into it. Having it on both devices is incredible, but I need to put some time into thoroughly learning the software. Thank you again for the warm welcome and your answers. Regards, E
  8. Are the styles being saved only within project? When I delete a project, all the styles I created disappear. Or am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to save styles across the application? (I am writing short stories, and it should be the same format for all..._)
  9. Well, all I thought about was that at the very beginning, at the very top of the structure, there will be place to specify the manuscript 'parameters' such as a one-sentence summary of your novel, plus may be a paragraph length synopsis, a category (romance, lit, historical, schi-fi...), expected word count, may be a completion day if you write, let's say, 750 words daily. Or just a general completion date...
  10. Well, I meant the synopsis of a novel. Like a paragraph or so. Also, the category of a novel, daily goals, total word count to be completed, that kind of info?
  11. Dear Marguerite, Thank you for your quick answer -- that really helped! I appreciate your assistance very much. What a wonderful support this software has! Wishing you all the best and successful writing! E
  12. Hello, I found that this forum is extremely helpful -- thank you. As I learn to use the software, I am sure there will be more questions. But the next question is the following -- my novel is a family saga with characters changing and growing up from children to mature adults and elderly. The sceneries of the same place change as well. So - how can I have several images in the same Character sheet? In the same Settings sheet (the street in 1970, then in 2000 for example...? Do I create a separate character sheet for every age? Should I link the two Characters as one? Can I? Linking the same setting but of different year? Please let me what is the best way to handle these changes through the years.... Thank you for your assistance. E
  13. Thank you very much for your answer
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