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  1. I've been sort-of fecklessly lurking around this forum ever since I first bought Storyist, shortly after it was introduced. But haven't really had the nerve to write, or anything much to say. I'm a sixty-something ne'r-do-well, who spent his life in either Opera press offices, or as a bookstore clerk (much prefering the latter). Then I moved back (from Santa Fe/Denver) to the old country (Sweden) to be with my father in his last years and to, finally, live somewhere for no other reason than I wanted to live there... and it's amazingly beautiful. So here I am on an island of in the middle of the Baltic, finding that it's much more difficult to learn Swedish at this age, especially when trying to write in English. But these are the challenges that keep one young! Anyhoo... in my quest to become the Great American Author-in-Exile, I've joined NaNoWriMo this year, in large part because of all the discussion about it here. But this year the forum seems kind of quiet on the subject. Is anybody else going to take the challenge? I think I'm going to need all the friendship and commiseration I can muster for this. I feel like I'm sort-of making it up as I go along. So, It's nice to finally intruduce myself and thank you for all the advice and amusement I've gotten anonymously, 'til now. Hugo
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