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  1. ...or maybe not...I see the other posts under msandoe's second post... :-(
  2. Clearly the forums software is acting up...posts subsequent to the opening post in this thread have disappeared or been deeleted, and they never showed up on the home page as 'new'.
  3. Please count me in as 'interested'...I raised this as a feature request before and would sure like to see it. I use a lot of apps that require (optionally) a passcode lock and I think that's all that we're looking for. That is, anyone with access to the iPad could be required to enter a Storyist passcode before being allowed to view any storyist files on the device. Using this with Dropbox is nice because Dropbox already allows for a passcode lock even for a device that is authorized to access Dropbox files. I would think a passcode lock feature would be pretty trivial from a code perspective, but I could be wrong. It is understood that the feature would not provide security for Storyist files on the Mac computer.
  4. Marguerite, Steve I think you've answered my question. I was looking to hide all of the files in My Projects except the one I was working on, but I guess that would require another layer of the hierarchical. It wouldn't matter to me if there was a way to lock the app from view. I just don't like sharing the rest of the iPad with another user without hiding or locking the Storyist files. Maybe someday... Thanks for your inputs and assistance.
  5. I guess I was unclear, Marguerite, but I appreciate the help. After using the back arrow to close the manuscript, I want it gone from the screen, off the table, off the desktop. That's what I don't see how to do. Johnboy
  6. What am I missing here. Have been using Storyist on Mac for last few months and went to Storyist iPad to do some editing, but 1) can't find a way to close documents, 2) if I double click to open a .story file in Dropbox iI get a 'Can't read...' error even though I can open the same file from within Storyist, and 3) I should be able to navigate between Dropbox-Storyist-Dropbox, but there is no navigation out available from Storyist iPad. What am I missing? Johnboy
  7. To resize your images, just hold down the shift key and drag a corner of the image; that will allow you to resize it and maintain aspect ratio. You can apply formatting of center, right and left justification to better position your images. Hope this helps. jb
  8. Steve, Thanks...I'm probably ok without any more research...it looks like if the file on Dropbox won't open (that's a common denominator) then I open the backup, save as to overwrite the dropbox file and it works from then on. So as long as I can get one copy of the file open, I'm ok...I think... :-) Thanks for the offer. I would rather believe that the issue is OSX rather than Storyist. (Mac OSX 10.6.8 and Storyist 2.4.2 and the current iPad version) John
  9. I'm running into issues opening properly saved files and the only workaround seems to be to go to backup folder to find a version that will open. Today I see error, "The document “Returning.story” could not be opened." and have seen "The document could not be opened. No further information is available" Any idea what is going on?
  10. Steve, would you have an interest in an attempt to export to RTF that failed due to something in the text. If so, I may be able to provide an example.
  11. Aha, what a good point! :-) Thanks for the look, anyway...
  12. Just thinking that it would be outstanding if media such as audio and video files could be inserted in the same way that the program handles Insert Image. The feature is obviously not appropriate to the novel or the short story, but would add a great feature for writers of articles, historical material, memoirs, etc. Once embedded a click to the media file image would probably just call the computer resident file handler to play it, so it really wouldn't seem to add any overhead too Storyist itself. Just a thought, but I know I would use it and be grateful for it!
  13. Just wanted to say, now that I'm using licensed versions of both the iPad and Mac versions of Storyist, that I love the app and find it to be one of the sweetest pieces of software that I've ever found for the Mac ...and I've been using Macs since 1984. Thank you Steve and all of this community that supports it...also out of apparent love for the product.
  14. I just uploaded .pages, .doc and .rtfd files to dropbox from my iMac and was only able to open the .txt file which was in the .rtfd folder which I had uploaded. It looks to me like the easy way to handle pc->iPad files via Dropbox is as formatted .txt which Word or any PC word processor can handle. john
  15. I was really just thinking of a way to hide or lock either the app or its files. My iPad is sometimes shared with others and I'd like the Soryist files on it to be private and unavailable for viewing. I know I can use an access code at the iPad level, but would prefer to lock or hide the files themselves. Strangely, I can't find any third-party app out there which could be used without a lot of hassle. A simple option to use an passcode on the app would work; those who want it use it, those who don't don't... On the iPad, passcode access to the app effectively secures all Storyist files since there is no other path to them as there might be on a Mac.
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