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  1. I use FinalDraft 8.0.1 But my I say i doubt this is a FD problem. Mike
  2. Hi folks. I write my scripts on FinalDraft for mac and transfer them to Storyist on an iPad. Page numbers are not transferred, so i try to add page numbers in the iPad app which works. But as soon as i leave the app and return, page numbers are all gone and i have to redo the numbering again. Annoying. Same problem is for page setup. We in Germany use A4 as a letter format. Transferring the script from FD always makes them for US Letter. I can change that in Storyists page setup menu, but the setup is gone every time i leave the app.
  3. Hi folks. Great piece of software you do have there. As a professional screenwriter in germany there is only one killer-feature missed that keeps me from using the Storyist iPad version in script meetings: Scene numbering! As full of useful features the iPad version might be - no scene numbers is a definite killer. Network execs and producers in germany ALWAYS refer to scene numbers when giving notes or going through a script. Not having those transferred from FinalDraft and not even having a possibility to renumber my scenes within Storyist for iPad is the ONLY feature that keeps me from using my iPad for work. Would be great if you guys could implement this very soon. Some other, minor issues: • Greyed scene headings for better readability and overview would also be great, but not as important as the scene numbers. • Index cards should have the possibility to automatically be filled with the first couple of sentences from the referring scene. I do not always have the time to write extra index-cards, but use them often to shuffle scenes. A quick glimpse to the content of the scene would come very handy. Mike
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