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  1. Very cool, thanks Steve. Customizable would be nice, but it's nice to at least know what they mean.
  2. I've got to be honest, Steve. I don't know why Storyist isn't at the top of every writer's list of essential apps! Other popular apps don't have nearly the features, ease of use, nor ease of access to the developer that Storyist has. You have my thanks! I had set up Storyist 3 goals using that Set up for NaNoWriMo document, modifying the per day goal to 2000 instead (my average chapter length). So, the question I still have - the green squares are clearly "goal met", red squares likely "goal not met", but yellow? Is that "goal nearly met"?
  3. I do like the new word count features in Storyist 3 (though, like some others, I do miss the time goal as an option). The one thing that I can't figure out (If it is available I'd appreciate it if someone would point out how) is how to look back on the days. I have figured out that green days are days I met the goal, but I'm not sure what the yellow or red days are. Both seem to be "missed" goal days, but I can't click on those days and see any information. If I could somehow figure out how many words I had on a particular day, I could certainly use such a feature. Not sure if clicking to pull up full stats (words typed during the day and during which parts of the day, perhaps), would be useful, but at the very least I'd love to be able to hover over the day to have the word count for the day pop up. The other thing I'd love to do is put that word count goal for the day in the status bar. I have the total word count, and project goal bar, but not daily word count goal. Not that I want to stop writing some days, but there are some days where that goal can be a finish line. Finally, I don't see a lot of instructions in any help file about the word count. I can't seem to reset it (so if I alter the word count goal, or start a new one, and end up deleting things, I start at -341 words), and I seem to recall having that ability in Storyist 2 (though possibly not). So... both a feature request and a help request?
  4. I would agree that iCloud support would be awesome! Though I do like using Dropbox, the iCloud support would just be quicker and easier, with Dropbox as a backup device instead of a primary save point.
  5. Daryl


    Has this feature been implemented yet? Or, perhaps, is it on the shortlist for near updates? I love using the iPhone version (to read and make notes on my manuscript), but finding those notes on the computer is quite labour intensive right now.
  6. I've been trying to compile a three part novel into one document. Each novel segment is about 120 000 words. When the document size reached 500 000 words, it became impossible to do ANYTHING in Storyist - opening the document now takes approximately 8 minutes. I'm running the most up to date version, as well as Mac OS X 10.7.4, on a new MacBook, with a 2.4 GHz processor and 2 GB of Ram. Is there a maximum workable size?
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