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  1. Hey guys, I don't know if I've just missed the option or if it doesn't exist, but one of the things I'd like to have (if I ever get famous enough for hard copy publishing ) is to have new pages, such as the start of a chapter or part of a book, on the right hand (recto) page; as like so many books I've read. Now I know I could do this by simply starting each Chapter as a new Novel Manuscript but it does kind of break up the flow a bit, and by the way thanks to the developers for at least having the sense to start a new manuscript on the right hand page; something that I was just berated for grumbling about on the forums of another popular book publishing program. For anyone wondering what the hell I'm talking about, go to the Inspector, Page Margins, and turn on Mirror Pages. Then change the view in the editor to 2-Up (right where the text size percentage is, just click on it, you'll see 1-Up and 2-Up there). You'll see that the first page of the document is on the right-hand page, just like a real book (woo). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an option of starting on the right-hand page under the Text Styles option of Paragraph Starts On New Page or Page Styles, so subsequent chapters/parts start on the next page after the last section, left or right.
  2. Nope, nothing special at all. I'm just writing away (section text style), and when the text gets to the bottom of the current page it continues on to the next page without scrolling, although I haven't noticed it since upgrading to iOS 6 so maybe that fixed it? On the other hand, it does seem to "bounce" a bit when going to another page now - the screen jiggling up and down a couple of lines until the text gets nearer the middle of the screen. One other thing that would be nice is, I use a Logitech Keyboard Case to type with instead of the onscreen keyboard and I'd love it if pressing the down arrow on the last line shifted the cursor to the end of the line. Sometimes when I'm typing I'll navigate with the arrows to change something written a couple of lines earlier, and when I arrow-navigate to the bottom line on my Mac on other text programs I can just down arrow and it goes to the end of the last line (if there isn't a new line below).
  3. (iPad 3, iOS 6, Storyist 1.2) This isn't a major bug, more just an annoyance. When I'm writing a paragraph of text that flows over to a new page, sometimes Storyist doesn't scroll. It stays at the bottom of the current page and I have to manually scroll to continue seeing what I'm writing. It still takes input, it just doesn't scroll to show it. "Typewriter Mode" is on.
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