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  1. There had been some discussion of upcoming compatibility with iPhone - is that still on track? Is there a technical or budget issue standing in the way? I wouldn't care if it was a subset of features. In the meantime, who has the fastest workaround that includes the least number of cut and pastes, conversions etc, fewest clicks? Is there any one of the other scores of text editors, note apps, email, I can use to read and edit a storyist file on IPhone in some useful way? I don't need any more features in the iPad version - to me this is much higher priority than anything you could possibly do to enhance the app. Thanks .
  2. I'm currently using only the iPad version. If I were to create new Story Sheets (character, etc.) with custom categories, in the Mac version could they be imported as is, with live fields, to the iPad version to use in any project? I notice the iPad version allows you to add a small number of pre named fields to a story sheet when you hit edit. Would it be possible to add custom fields to that drop down, or allow a user to change the name of these fields? (Example - of what value is having a new field named first name or last name, when the character is already named?). thanks
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