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  1. Thanks Thoth for the reference to the metaphysic poet John Donne who inspired Hemingway for Whom the Bell Tolls. But I am not completely in agreement with him... "No man is an island !" Yes, it's true : we are each of us a part of Universe. But we know that everyone has his own reality, his vision of the world, his own personal island... How real is real ? said Watzlawick In fact my island is a metaphor. My Universe. But I lived one year in the Bahamas.. Bring it to mind. Nostalgia... « Aucun homme n’est une île, un tout, complet en soi ; tout homme est un fragment du continent, une partie de l’ensemble ; si la mer emporte une motte de terre, l’Europe en est amoindrie, comme si les flots avaient emporté un promontoire, le manoir de tes amis ou le tien ; la mort de tout homme me diminue, parce que j’appartiens au genre humain ; aussi n’envoie jamais demander pour qui sonne le glas : c’est pour toi qu’il sonne ». (Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, 1624) »
  2. Try MindNode... download here I am using it since yesterday. It's really simple and help to organize ideas. We can have link on each item... like already programmed in Storyist... Tell Steve to have a look. It's useful. Islander in his island
  3. Thanks Thoth. I have any programs like Smartdraw (that is for PC, not Mac) The simpliest and useful is : MindNode MindNode I would like have all grouped in only ONE software : Storyist. A window with the MindNode in Storyist could be very very GREAT !
  4. A good idea could be to have a window where we can organize personnaly and visually our ideas or a map of the movie, like in the mind mapping principle... What do you think ? map example Google research min maps
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