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  1. Thank you, Marguerite! That make sense to me. You said the notes sheets don't hold a lot of information. I was going to journal in notes, but maybe now I won't. Do you journal about your stories/current writing projects in Storyist? If so, where? Jerry
  2. I'm not understanding Storyist's views. In the source list I click on title page under the "notes" section and it's in manuscript view. I can see the text of the title page in the main view. But then I click on that little box in the top right corner to switch to index cards view and the text for the title page isn't there, but the words "title page" are. So I'm wondering how this works or what I'm not understanding. Why did the text of my title page info disappear? If I can get this answered it should help me understand a bit more about these views. Thanks. (more questions to follow...) Jerry
  3. Video tutorials would be nice
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