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  1. One feature of Scrivener that I found useful was the ability to see the total word count for a section, a folder, or a selection of text files, even if the items were in different folders. I used this feature often when editing down my total word count. In Storyist, if I select more than one text file, the word count for the first text file selected is displayed and not a total word count for the group of selected files. Switching the manuscript to Outline view, as was suggested in a forum, only lists the word counts next to individual text files. Can we have this Total Word Count ability in Storyist, at least at a folder level?
  2. Hi Steve, I have to apologize. I think Storyist did work the first three times. When I bought software, I opened a new novel project to look around. When Storyist opens a Scrivener project, it gives it the same "Untitled" title that it does with a new project, instead of the actual Scrivener project name. Also, all folders are collapsed even if they were expanded in the original Scrivener project. In my haste (red-faced), I thought the same new project window was opening. Everything's working. : )
  3. Thanks for answering Steve, Does the version of the Scrivener Project make a difference? I have the latest update, under Yosemite. Darrell
  4. The Storyist 3 for Scrivener Users article states: Opening a Scrivener project is straight-forward: Just select File > Open and choose a Scrivener project. That doesn't work. How do you Open or Import Scrivener Projects into Storyist?
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