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  1. Hi guys, I'd love to see you guys go cross-platform. You'd clean up! Are there any plans for moving into Android or Windows platforms and becoming truly multi-platform?
  2. Does Storyist actually store a copy of the file on my iphone so I can work offline, and then sync when I get online again? Does it store *everything* in my Storyist project on my phone (which is what I want) or only download files as it needs them, a little bit like Evernote, leaving you stranded if you're not online in that coffee shop or where-ever? (Or worse, permanently losing your notes if dropbox dies!)
  3. Does Storyist do voice recording on iphone? It probably wouldn't being any fun trying to write a novel on an iphone without the voice recognition software, typing on those tiny little buttons!
  4. Hi all, I have not got Storyist yet but am considering it given how slow Scrivener are to get to ios. Does it work the way Scrivener does with index cards? Does moving the Index Cards around move the actual story/plot/writing? Basically are the Index Cards what you call 'scene sheets' above that you can see in cork board mode? Also I like the Scrivener Research tabs & pages (which are basically my novel's wiki), and assume the character sheets in Storyist replace those. Am I to understand that at various stages of your story/plot/writing you can link to essential character development bits in the wiki? Also, the grey collage area around your writing... is that where you can stick photos or images that are to inspire that plot development? In that case, Storyist may be even more powerful than Scrivener?
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