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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply! Of course, I am assuming the use of a bluetooth keyboard here. What I am dreaming about is a totally uncluttered interface for drafting. A blank piece of paper. It makes a huge difference, psychologically, that little bar on the top (and bottom) of the screen. I find myself using Storyist for its index cards and organizational features but going back to iA Writer on hardcore drafting days, just for the elegance of its interface. Its an awkward workaround, I have to cut and paste back and forth. If you were able to include a disappearing menu bar in the iPad version, it would totally eliminate the need for such a workaround, and iA Writer in general. :-)
  2. I'm a real fan of this software and feel it's perfect in many ways. I just wish those top bars (and bottom bars in the iPhone version) would disappear so that I could see a true full page of text while I am drafting. It would make the experience so much more immersive. iA Writer has this feature and it's great. Please, please incorporate it into your next update! Thanks!
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