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  1. That's it! Perfect... I'll get stuck into my project on storyist. Wonderful. Thanks so much Steve, and Marguerite. C.
  2. Thanks Marguerite. Ok, so can I ask you then, what is the best way to simply create index cards - with title and summary. That's it. That I can view in storyboard mode on my desktop as a series of index cards (scenes, beats) that I can shuffle around to play with the order and edit the summaries on. And that when I sync my project to iPad - I can also view as index cards there, complete with title and summary (scenes, beats) that I can shuffle around. Nothing more, nothing less. Surely that is possible? I appreciate you don't know iPpad, but you sound like you might know a lot more than me. And that functionality must be possible? As I said earlier I don't care how I achieve that or whether I originate the card on iPad or desktop, be it using plot points (By the way plot point summaries do show up on index cards on the desktop storyboard view, but NOT on iPad storyboard view) or by using notes, style sheets, index cards themselves, one long note. I don't mind how I get there, I'd just like to mirror the index card view (title and summaries) on iPad and Desktop. Is that, to your - or anyone who might be reading this - knowledge, possible or not? All the best and thanks again, you've been a huge help. C.
  3. Hey Marguerite, Thanks so much for the thorough info, and going out of your way to help. Yes - that index card and outline split screen you have attached is very close to what I'm after. (I don't actually mind if they are plot points, just that it looks like that). Your set up looks good. Now - my issue is that when I open that on my iPad, I can't have the outline that you have on the right (as plot sheets don't generate outline on iPad). And The index cards themselves don't carry the summary below the title as they do here in your desktop example. They just don't feature on iPad. So instead I've been creating multiple index cards on my Ipad, with titles and summaries using one long blank note or novel note separating sections / chapters with a # hashtag. But when I open that note on my desktop, and switch to storyboard view, only one card - the one corresponding to the first section, shows up?? I don't get the same view... this is the very frustrating part. I can't replicate my work from one device to the other. And that should be simple. I'd love to get your screenshot above working exactly like that, index cards with titles and summaries (that are also available in Outline view with titles and summaries) Mirrored on my iPad. (I don't mind if I have to use plot sheets, blank notes, folder with files, one long note divided into sections, whatever... to achieve that) I just can't crack that last hurdle. Thanks again for helping! C. Congrats on being published too! :-)
  4. Hi Marguerite, Thanks for replying and helping out. In short - my issue basically is that my Ipad and Mac desktop storyboard views don't match. So far anyway... Here's the long version. I use index cards to plot out my story and get a good overview. I like my index cards to have titles and summaries on the 'front' and notes on the 'back. I like to view these index cards on a corkboard / storyboard and to move them around (freeform would be a nice future add here). I also like to view them as an outline with titles and those summaries visible. (And if possible, though not essential, view them as a continuous document with all those notes from the reverse). This was all possible on Scrivener's desktop version. But I'm here, as many others are because they still haven't cracked the ipad / ios version. And I love storyist so far... Here's how I have got close to achieving what I'm after on storyist. I have either created a folder full of plot sheets on my desktop, with the summaries from the plot sheet showing up on the index card summary as well - and then showing up in the outline mode too. However - when I open this project / folder full of plot sheets on my ipad - those same index cards don't carry the summaries and don't give me an outline mode option (Steve already explained that this feature isn't yet available for Ipad). So instead I tried to originate the cards on my ipad instead and see if that would then replicate exactly on my desktop. Sadly, that didn't work wither. Here I created a notebook entry (not a folder) and on that note typed sections separated by a #, when I toggled to storyboard view, these sections showed up as individual index cards. Perfect - I then pin my project view on the left and have the index cards there, and my long note with text sections in the window on the right and keep working. (I have to manually enter my index card titles this way, but no biggie) But, the real problem is - - when I open this note on my desktop and select it. And then toggle to storyboard view, I no longer get each section on an individual card. Just the first card. All the others are missing? So in both cases, the storyboard view on Ipad doesn't match the storyboard view on the desktop version. I know I'm being dumb and missing something simple, but frustratingly can't work it out. Here's what I'd like to end up with, as I mentioned above. A series of index cards with titles. And summaries below that title (on the front) - and text, notes - call it what you will - attached to the 'back', in my mind at least :-). I'd like to toggle between, and view these index cards in storyboard mode, and also in outline mode - and finally in the text mode AND most importantly mirror that on both my ipad and my desktop. I'm so close, but frustratingly far :-) Hope that clarifies my issue, it's hard to explain these things in a forum sometimes. And I apologise for the long winded explanation. Thanks for helping! C.
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for the speedy reply. Understood on storysheets only being available in outline mode on the desktop. (Would be a nice future add) I am getting close to creating the storyboard I want as you said. But I now have a new problem. Here's how I do it, and get close. I open a blank note on my iPad and type my notes as sections, separated by hastags #s. This converts them to index cards in storyboard view (So far, so good) I have to then manually go in and type the index card title -- I'm sure I'm missing a trick here and could include that in the note itself as I'm writing. But this is not my issue. I now have a document of text sections which separates out to multiple index cards in storyboard view. Which is what I'm after. I pin the project view and have index cards running down the left column, then have the blank note right as I type, adding new sections. Perfect. However, now when I open the same project on my desktop Mac. I select the same note in project view and then select storyboard view - but I only get the first index card? I can't see the other index cards anywhere - it's frustrating, and I'm sure I'm being totally stupid. I feel I have tried everything, read and reread the manual. Is it something to do with enabling outline mode for that blank note? Or something else. If I crack this, I'll have exactly the workflow I'm after. Thanks again for helping. I'm happy to send a screenshot too, if I work out how to do that :-) C.
  6. Hi, I am viewing a folder full of storysheets in outline mode on my desktop. I can see the title and the summary. However, I don't get an option to view this folder as an outline on my ipad. Am I missing something? Related to this is a second question. I am used to creating index cards on Scrivener which feature the title and a summary, which I can then view in the outline mode. What's the easiest way of replicating that on storyist? I can't seem to add a new index card on the storyboard?? and I can't seem to write a text document that converts to outline that converts to index cards and carries both title and summary in all locations. I get lost in a sea of untitled body text etc. etc. Any help GREATLY appreciates. Thanks! C.
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