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  1. ‚ÄčAre there any updates to the list of keyboard shortcuts that are listed under storyist help? Many of them do not work. For instance, the shortcut to move up one page does something totally different. And is there a shortcut to go to the beginning or end of a document rather than just scrolling. I'm using a 2015 Macbook with the latest OS.
  2. Pip

    Find and Replace

    I have no idea what I changed or did differently, but I got it to work.
  3. Pip

    Page up and down

    Okay, thanks, the FN option works. I am using OS X 10.10.4 and Storyist 3.1.2.
  4. Pip

    Page up and down

    CTRL up arrow and down arrow just shrink and then resize the window.
  5. Is there any reason why the "replace" function has stopped working on the latest update? Find works fine, but the replace function that I've used many times before is no longer working.
  6. I'm using the the latest version of Storyist. The keyboard shortcut for scrolling one page up and one page down that I found listed in either Help or the manual (Control Down arrow and Control Up arrow) does not work on my machine. Are there alternative shortcuts?
  7. Hmnn...What I'd like to do is take a file that I have created that is not within a template and then continue writing but using the Novel template. Would I create a new Novel using the template and then cut and paste my material into it?
  8. Well, under the VIEW drop down there was an item "Show Project View" that was grayed out, meaning nothing worked when I clicked on it. Oddly when I just went back to check, the item was available (nice and dark) and I now have Project View! There also was the little box in the upper left which was grayed out but now works. The document does open in Text View though. Earlier today I could not get to Project View at all. Anyway, sorry to bother everyone.
  9. I've looked through the users guide on templates. It seems to suggest that a template can only be employed to a new project. Or can a template like "Novel" be added to an existing document?
  10. There are hyphens and em dashes and en dashes. I know that the smart dashes feature can convert two hyphens into a dash and that's cool. However, does Storyist allow both em dashes and en dashes? Word has this feature.
  11. Using the latest version (downloaded today through Apple's App Store) and running Yosemite on a Macbook: I was writing a document in Pages, then I exported that as a .docx file and then opened that in Storyist and saved it. However, all I can use is Text View. All the menus have Project View grayed out. Was it something I did?
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