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  1. Actually it is 13th. The list that you are seeing includes Windows APPs, which would make Storyist the 52nd app in Office Productivity in both OS. In Mac OS X, however, it's the 13th most popular office productivity tool. Just two steps below Scrivener i think. Don't worry! Couldn't live without Storyist now that i use it. Thanks!
  2. Wakoopa is a website that, using a propietary software, tracks what app's people use the most and where everyone can post their reviews and comments about those. I pimped up a little the storyist page since it didn't have an icon, screenshot, description or anything. Also i've added my review (excuse my poor english) but it would be nice if all you comment something else to make the software more popular! A good thing Wakoopa says Storyist is the 13th most popular productivity on Mac OS X http://wakoopa.com/software/storyist
  3. Funny. Our president is so offended by the idea of a "Columbus Day" , a "Discovery Day" or even a "race day", he renamed it to: "Day of Indigenous Resistance" Well..that's one resistance that didn't go well...
  4. Of course, it would be ideal if this solution works with more than one chapter. Beautiful
  5. Pyrobon


    Thank you Marguerite! I'm quite glad to be around. I'm from Venezuela so please excuse my poor english. Indeed, i had the idea of adding a field to assign times. I'm writing a book where the characters are animals, so i actually created custom fields to assign their species. I think this is one of the most powerful features of storyit, custom fields, and i suggest Dave to actually make them even more flexible, like being able to add a categories beyond Physical Description or being able o rename it at least. I will probably be adding times to the sections.
  6. Hi! I was wondering if there were any plans to include a Timeline feature, as in a visual way to organize events of your story. I've seen two novel writing software implement this: Writeitnow and Storymill. In Writeitnow is actually called Event Charts. You create the events, give them dates, and they'll automatically organize in the chart where you can see them by days, weeks, months or years. I'm not suggesting that it should been done this way, just giving an idea. It does makes an awful lot of sense to give sections a starting and finishing date, and have a feature generate a chart with that info.
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