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  1. I have a large fire. It opens just fine in OS X. It just won't open in iOS. Storyist just quits. It's a very big file. A smaller file opens fine. Is there a file limit size on iOS? It's only 500KB!
  2. Thanks you so much. Cleaning up the styles fixed the problem!
  3. I hope someone can help. I have a worrying problem. My Storyist file has grown and the time to open has become increasingly, and now alarmingly long. The file itself is a lean 600kb, but my book is actually 1000 ages long (and mercifully not getting longer). I'm getting the spinning beachball for long periods. All the memory hogs (incl browsers and anything from Microsoft or Adobe) are closed. And I have this problem even when only the Finder and Storyist are open! I'm using v3.1.2 on a pretty new MacBook PRO with 16GB of memory, running OS 10.10.3. Permissions repaired, no nasty third-party extensions running. I've even reinstalled the OS using the Combo Updater to see if that would help. I'm a convert from Scrivener, but now I'm beginning to worry that if the file gets terminally corrupted and refuses to open I could be in big trouble. (With Scrivener, the "file" is actually a folder full of files, so a corruption there will not percolate to the whole.) Any suggestions. I'm seriously worried. Thanks
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