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  1. I saved a Libre Office file as an rtf, and then opened it with Storyist. But something weird: somehow in the translation, the whole document has been turned into a list with numbers and bullets and dots, etc. I tried highlighting the text and choosing the document-fiction style, but the list numbers stay. Am I missing something about how to reveal formatting so I can either delete the list/numbering thing that's going on, or is there another way to approach this? Thank you.
  2. Steve -- thank you for that clarification. Somehow I mis-read the price on the iOS version. $15 is entirely reasonable. So I'm off to do some more exploring.
  3. Thank you for getting back to me and for the welcome, Marguerite. I'm torn, really, about Storyist. I used Scrivener for a long time and then gave up because the compile process was so crazy, and it ended up costing rather than saving me time. Storyist looks like it would handle all the bits and pieces that I have trouble keeping organized, but it's also a potential procrastination vehicle. And dog knows I need no more encouragement on that front. Also, in response to the other thread I started: I understand that the two programs are very different, and I don't expect either of them to be free. But I would think that there should be some kind of package that makes it possible to get both of them for something less than $120. That's a lot of money for software that I'm not sure about, even after a fifteen day trial. And a big part of the attraction, for me at least, is the ability to move back and forth from iPad to MacBook Pro. Right now I'm using Libre Office (which I love; I'll never go back to Word) for everything, but it's got one big problem: there's no IOS version, unless you go through a very awkward third party. And of course it doesn't have any of the features that make Storyist appealing.. So I'll continue to explore and put off the purchase for the time being. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks again. best
  4. In the example project files there are two character sheets: antagonist and protagonist. Someplace (and now I can't find it again) I saw a link to sample templates and sheets. I'm thinking there must be examples of more than antagonist and protagonist character sheets, no? The novel I have coming out in September (my tenth) has twenty major recurring characters and at least fifty minor characters. I write big, fat historical novels and keeping track of characters is always a major headache.
  5. I've had a pretty thorough look around and haven't been able to figure out if the $59 for Storyist includes the iOS version, or if you have to pay for them separately. As I play with the demo I'll have more questions, but that's the first and probably most important, as I go back and forth between my iPad and my MacBook Pro. Thanks!
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