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  1. Thanks, Steve. I've got a new Mac and version 1.5.2 both. Now Save is really quick! But I'm having other weird behaviors I'd hope would disappear. Not sure how to describe this... This happens when I'm Normal View mode, inserting or reviewing text (i.e. typing somewhere other than the end of the ms). The display does this MS-Word-like thing, where a line of text appears to repeat. If I use the arrow key to move my cursor down the screen, the display rights itself and I can go back to where I was. Similar behavior when I click in the scroll bar to advance a page--sometimes, the display not only ignores the command, it'll mess with the appearance of the two text lines at the top of the current screen. Thoughts? Thanks. Sally (BTW, I'd noticed the first of these behaviors even before upgrading. The second is either new or I'm just now discovering it.)
  2. Seeing both kinds of delays, actually. But as I'm planning to replace my 4-year old, pre-Intel Mac before the end of the year, I'll see if the upgrade of hardware takes care of the typing delay. If not, I'll come back and post more scoop. As for the speed of saving, the pinwheel delay only bothers me inasmuch as I get nervous thinking, is it gonna crash ala an MS product? I reckon I can wait for your next version release, but I thank you for the offer. Sally
  3. Hiya. I'm noticing random delays in Storyist's response times as the length of my ms increases. Is there a top-end length for which Storyist was designed? I'd hate for something to explode after working on this book all year. Thanks. Sally
  4. I feel pretty silly asking, but after selecting "check spelling," how does one move through the document? I'm accustomed to Word's pushy suggestion box with its "find next" buttons et al. Thanks, Sally the Inconsistent Speller
  5. Thanks for the post (and welcome) Marguerite. Before I imported the ms from MS Word, I first deleted the "Chapter 1" and "Chapter 2" folders from the Storyist project file I had waiting to receive the import. (Silly me, I expected Storyist to actually recognize "Chapter" as a chapter break, as I'd asked it to when going through the 3 import dialog boxes, and didn't want to confuse things by having two chapter 1s and two chapter 2s.) Consequently, the imported text had no default header to type over. Trying to insert one had me pulling my hair out (see previous post). Since seeing your post, I opened a new Storyist file, selected all the text in the header-less Storyist file, and pasted it at the end of the default sample text that comes in the template. On the upside, I was able to then type over the existing header. On the downside, I had to find all my chapter breaks again, even though I was pasting Storyist into Storyist, if you know what I'm saying. Seems like importing a ms is more trouble than it's worth. Takes too much time to tweak out 300-400 pages. Perhaps I'll just stick to using Storyist for new (or barely started) projects. Sally
  6. Hiya. I've had Storyist for just a few days and love how the software handles my new ms. My issue is with an existing ms I've imported. The original header (author/title/page#) naturally shows up as the last thing in the imported ms. How do I get it to where it needs to be and have it: 1. Share space with the text of Chapter 1 (it wants to be it's own page) 2. Appear throughout the ms, with the page# flowing I've also tried just creating the Header, rather than deal with the imported one. The same thing happens. Thanks! Sally
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