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  1. hi there i'm considering the purchase of the product and have tested the trial but still some points bother me so i'd like to ask if we can them expect to be fixed 1.) page margins seem not to be saved with the document. whenever i open the file again, all page margins are reset to 1.25 (on snow leopard changing the margin sometimes leads to very unstable behavior, a process called fontd pops up in the activity monitor taking large cpu resources and storyist doesnt respond for a few seconds whenever you click a different sheet in the project window) 2.) the cork texture in the background. can that be changed at some point? it's totally ugly and distracting )) 3.) how about syllabication? i noticed all my text to look strange in the beginning, then i realized no words were divided which leads to very ugly justification 4.) can the layout/style of e.g. the "characters" pages be changed? the fonts there (especially the yellow header) totally distracts and doesnt match the manuscript i really think its a great product, but as for now i have to stay writing with pages 09, mainly because of the hyphenisation and margin issue looking forward to hear storyist develop on those features
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